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Refinishing For Beastly Old Bath Tubs

Refinishing for beastly old bath tubs

Old bath tubs can get to the point where they are scratched up, rusted, chipped, and simply gross to use. No amount of scrubbing or chemical cleaning will get an old tub like this clean for more than a day or two.

While yours may not have reached this disgusting stage yet, it probably will eventually. Once the glaze wears off, the surface underneath becomes vulnerable to scratching, rust, and stains.

Most homeowners are left with the desire to just replace it when it gets bad enough.

Replacing an old bathtub requires the help of a licensed plumber, the right size tub for replacement, and proper sealant application. This type of remodeling will need to be permitted and inspected by local building code authorities since a bad installation could leave your home flooded.

Instead of going through replacement, many Pensacola homeowners choose to have their beastly old tubs refinished. If you are trying to decide between bathtub replacement or refinishing, here are some common questions that may help you decide.

Q. Can refinishing change the color of my bath tub?

A. Yes. Do you have one of those old salmon, blue, pink, or mustard yellow tubs? You don't have to be stuck decorating around those out-of-style colors. Your bathtub can be refinished to give it a completely new color whether you love simply white or another contemporary color.

Q. What bathtub types can be refinished?

A. All types of tubs can be resurfaced whether they are enameled iron, steel, fiberglass, acrylic, or porcelain.

Q. Can cracks or chips be fixed?

A. Yes. Refinishing will first involve fixing cracks or chips in the tub. Fiberglass is prone to cracking and chips in an enamel surface are common. All scratches, chips, or cracks will be repaired so the tub can be completely restored to a beautiful finish.

Q. Does bathtub refinishing cost less than replacement?

A. Yes, refinishing costs less than replacing the tub in all cases. It's the budget-friendly way to get rid of that old ugly tub!

Q. Will the new finish be just as durable as the original?

A. Absolutely, if you choose the right Pensacola remodeling contractor to do the refinishing. 1st Choice Home Improvements uses top quality products that result in a long-lasting, durable, chip resistant, waterproof, chemical-resistant beautiful finish. Take care of your new tub surface right and you'll be glad you chose to have it resurfaced.

Q. How long will the new finish take to dry?

A. After the tub is restored, it can take 1-3 days depending on how many coatings were needed.

Q. I want to refinish the tub myself, what's involved?

A. First, you'll need to know what materials the bath tub is made of. If there are any scratches or missing enamel, those have to be repaired first. There are DIY kits available that provide full instructions on how to apply the finish. Unfortunately, they contain epoxy coatings that don't last long. Be aware that the new finish often looks painted due to the brush or roller application.

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