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Making a Multigenerational Home

Making a multigenerational home

Generally we think about multigeneration families under one roof as a thing of the past or something that other countries do. The truth is that the number of extended families living together is rising. More children are staying at home longer. More elderly are moving in with their children rather than retirement homes. Doesn't that get a little cramped? Not if you do it correctly. What design features make up a good multigenerational home? Balance of privacy - It's important that everyone have their own space to call their own and do with as they please. There will always be shared spaces, but it's important for all parties involved to still feel independent. Try to view it as you all living together, not "so and so is living with me." Zoned comfort - If only we could all enjoy the same temperature. Inevitably, someone is freezing and you are burning up. Getting a zoned HVAC system is a way to please everyone and could do wonders for your energy bill... and no more fights over the thermostat. Universal design - We'd be remiss if we didn't mention universal design. The concept is just like it sounds: space that accommodates everyone in it. This could mean anything from hallways wide enough for wheelchairs to zero entry thresholds.

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