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Choosing the Right Pensacola Windows

Choosing the right pensacola windows

Deciding on the right windows can be a complicated process, considering the variety of design options, materials, and styles available. Unfortunately when you're living in Pensacola, making the right choice as far as your replacement windows go can become even more complex. This is due to a variety of considerations that home owners need to take into account before they decide on the windows that are right for them.

Due to the window options available, Pensacola home owners should familiarize themselves with the benefits of some of these popular window types.

Vinyl Window Advantages

  • Energy Efficient: Keep your energy costs lower
  • Low-Maintenance: Vinyl windows can be restored to their original luster after simply being washed.
  • Affordable: These windows offer a cheap alternative to wooden and metal windows.
  • Variety of Options: Vinyl windows are available in a wider variety of looks and styles than many other window types, meaning that you can find the look that is just right for your home.

Casement Window Advantages

  • Efficiency: Casement windows are nearly as efficient as standard vinyl fixed-pane windows
  • Reduce Lighting Costs: The large fit of casement windows means that you can reduce the amount of interior lighting you use year round.
  • Increased Ventilation: Opening your casement windows can make a big difference, as they allow for a dramatic increase in air flow, reducing your cooling costs.
  • Easy Open: Casement windows are much easier to open when compared to fixed-pane windows.

Given the nature of the weather on the Gulf Coast, you have to make certain that no matter what window choice you make, that they will be able to withstand the worst inclement weather that can be thrown your way. Dealing with hurricane season is a reality in Pensacola that all residents have to account for, so you will want to make certain that your window investment is protected. The windows you get installed will be equipped as required by code, to withstand hurricane force winds, but that is not enough in the case of especially severe hurricanes, or airborne debris. This is why you need to invest in hurricane shutters to better protect your home.

Hurricane shutters offer Pensacola home owners several advantages:

  • Fast Protection: Hurricane shutters can be quickly deployed in case of a storm, reducing the extensive labor often required when boarding up windows with plywood. With proper shutters you do not have to go through this troublesome process.
  • Avoid Broken Glass: Hurricane shutters will help your Pensacola windows withstand airborne debris and prevent glass from breaking. This can help keep your family and home safe from not only broken glass, but objects propelled by a powerful storm.
  • Home Value: New shutters are proven to boost the value of Pensacola homes and are a convenience often sought after by home buyers. Including hurricane shutters may make the difference when it comes to effectively moving your home.

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