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Bay and Bow Windows on the Gulf Coast

Bay Windows and Bow Windows in PensacolaOne other possible option you should consider for your home is either Pensacola bow or bay windows. When choosing windows many people end up considering one or both. While they do have their similarities there are also differences between the two that make each of them unique. Both are beautiful, elegant and offer some of the best views possible.

These window options also have an advantage over traditional windows because they move away from that flat layout that lacks dimensions. This not only provides a space for plants or a window seat but enlarges the viewing area that would not otherwise be possible. They have a 180 degree arc that protrudes from the wall and allows for a wider, more accessible and unobstructed view.

Not to mention this also adds some depth and the illusion of more size for the interior of the room the window is used in. When trying to make decisions about which windows to include in your home remodel you need to have the Pensacola replacement window pros at 1st Choice Home Improvements no your side to help understand the options. Our goal is to make sure you have the data you need to make an informed decision as a homeowner.  

Bay Windows

Bay windows are usually made up of three windows of varying sizes. The layout means that typically, the center window is the largest and it is surrounded by two smaller windows, called flankers. These side windows are angled from the wall at around 30-40 degrees. They are also often double hung in order to give adequate ventilation.

Of course the best part of the view comes from the larger center window. But the flankers help to provide a wider, unobstructed view. A bay window installation adds value to your Pensacola home but also ends up becoming the stunning focal point, as well.

Bow Windows

On the other hand, a bow window is made up of three to six windows that are all the same size. This creates a design aesthetic that makes it seem to have a gradual curved look and feel, while a bay window is more angled. There are basically three different styles of windows that can be used: single hung, double hung or casements.

For better ventilation the design may lose some of the unobstructed views. Generally though, you still have stunning panorama when you choose this option. Whatever choice you make from either Pensacola bay windows or bow windows you will love the finished look. Plus, feedback from realtors is that these increase the value of your home and become a huge selling point.

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  • Installing bay windows
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