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Hurricane Shutters on the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Shutters for Pensacola HomesAnyone who has lived in the Gulf Coast area for any length of time knows the importance of Pensacola hurricane shutters. Hurricanes can be devastating to anyone who lives in this area or anywhere in the great state of Florida. Protecting your home and family is one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make. 1st Choice Home Improvements offers several difference types of these hurricane protection options.

Whether you are looking for hurricane windows or shutters, our team of Pensacola window experts has got you covered. Our shutters are installed to meet Florida Building Codes. This includes pulling a permit and scheduling a final inspection with a county building inspector to confirm proper installation.

All of our shutters have successfully passed three grueling rounds of missile impact testing using an 8 foot 2×4 shot directly into the object while not allowing the 2×4 to penetrate the opening. Isn’t this the sort of protection you want for your home and family in the event a hurricane or other weather related events take place?

Hurricane Shutter Experts

Want to know more about the Pensacola hurricane shutters we can offer to you?

Fabric Shield

Hurricane Fabric Shield Panels in Pensacola
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Wayne-Dalton Fabric Shield Storm Panels are a highly effective alternative to aluminum or steel hurricane panels. This option has a trackless mounting and installation is easy as there are no special tools needed. It is lightweight and comes in at just a fraction of steel or aluminum panels; this makes them much easier to handle.

They are also translucent allowing diffused light to enter the home. Fabric Shield Storm Panels also have smooth, safe edges and are simple to store because the panels may be rolled, lay flat of hung for easy and compact storage. Let’s set up your free consultation and review whether this is the best option for you and your home.

Pensacola Fabric Shield Pull Down Shutters
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Fabric Shield Pull Down Shutters
Best Water Protection Available

The first and only shutter system independently tested to stop water penetration and window leakage up to 40 Psf (125 MPH wind-driven rain equivalency). Fabric Shield Pull Down Shutters are light and easy to use; simply pull down and lock in place. They are great for second floor applications as they can be easily opened and closed from the inside.

Pensacola Accordion Hurricane Shutters
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Easy Operating Accordion Shutters

High Velocity Accordion Shutters are ideal for security as well as storm protection. Accordion shutters are permanently installed on the house so they are ready for use at anytime. Accordion shutters can protect a small window or a complete patio providing a solid wall of aluminum giving you protection, security, and peace of mind. Accordion shutters are available in white, bronze, ivory, and beige.

Storm Panels for Pensacola Homes
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Economical Storm Panels

Aluminum Storm Panels are a cost effective way to protect your home. Lightweight panels make for simple installation, quick removal, and can be stacked together for easy storage. Aluminum Storm Panels are installed vertically or horizontal with a direct stud mount.

Pensacola Clear Storm Panels
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Clear Storm Panels

Clear storm panels are a great way to allow light in your home while keeping it protected. 1st Choice can mix clear panels with aluminum panels to allow light in the home and give you a view outside.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters in Pensacola
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Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters offer an enhanced curb appeal to the home. Although they look decorative, they are fully functional and “Rated” to meet strict Florida Building Codes. These are two piece permanently mounted shutters. They are hinged on the side and fold into a closed position which latches for protection in the event of a storm.

Pensacola Bahama Hurricane Shutters
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Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters have a Caribbean style. The Bahama shutter reduces the amount of sunlight entering the window. It also allows cool breezes to pass through the openings. This beautiful style provides privacy and protection by simply lowering and latching the shutter.

Pensacola Hurricane Shutters

Some of the other popular choices we have available include:

  • Fabric hurricane shutters
  • Roll down hurricane shutters
  • Clear hurricane shutters
  • Storm panel hurricane shutters
  • Accordion hurricane shutters
  • Bahama hurricane shutters
  • Colonial shutters
  • Roll up hurricane shutters
  • Storm shutters
  • Clear storm panels
  • Exterior shutters
  • Outdoor shutters

Let’s get started helping ensure that we can prepare your house for weathering the storms when the time comes. Contact us today to find out more about Pensacola hurricane shutters.

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If you are looking for hurricane shutters in the Pensacola area, then please call 1-888-989-3244 or complete our online request form.