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1st Choice Home Improvements - Pensacola Remodeling ContractorWe could say the 1st Choice Home Improvements story began with the official launching of the business in 1999. But that would be neglecting all of the years of industry experience that came before that. When Steve Smart and Scott McCartney incorporate this company they were actually bringing over 35 years of the combined work history that came from working for a national home improvement company prior to 1999.

Their dream became a plan and now well over 16 years later they continue to be identified as one of the premier home remodeling contractors in the United States. The Home Improvement Industry journal, “Qualified Remodeler” has honored 1st Choice Home Improvements as one of the top 500 companies in the United States for 8 plus years. The Northwest Florida Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating in addition to their business accreditation rating. We are proud to have received this honor for more than a decade now.

What We Do

The main focus at 1st Choice Home Improvements is to provide our customers with superior products and unsurpassed customer service at a fair price. We always ensure the highest standards of customer care are maintained without compromising integrity, honesty and respect for the consumer’s property and well-being. We also continually commit ourselves to achieving customer satisfaction as our first and only choice. Now, let our Pensacola remodeling contractors get started with your next project and show you how we earned our flawless reputation.

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